SAT Help & Prep: Intro and 1st Group of Words

We are sure we’re not the only high school students under the pressure to do well on the SATs. Seriously, this past summer, majority of our classmates went to some sort of SAT preparatory class to learn the tips and tricks to help them get the score they desire. Unfortunately, not all of us are lucky enough to have the money to enroll in those classes. For those who aren’t able to take prep classes, you are not alone. Both of us here are on the same boat. However, this doesn’t mean that we’ll all sink and not do well on the exam; instead, this means that we’ll have to work harder and stay motivated. Success is obtainable, but it all depends on you and your willpower.

Therefore, here on , we are going to go on a learning process together. The best thing is, this learning process is free.

We heard that one of the easiest ways to improve SAT scores was to expand our range of vocabulary. Both of us decided to create a vocab-learning procedure; every week or so, we’ll put up a link to one set of words and their definitions. All these sets are made by us and most of the words are from the book Vocabulary for the College-Bound Student*. These words may be words you have already learned, but it’s still a good idea to review them once in a while. Again, you are not alone; both of us are trying to learn and prepare for the SATs as well.

To get started, we included the link to the first set of vocabulary words down below.  Make sure to make an account on Quizlet to utilize its benefits~

SAT Vocabulary Words – Group 1:

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-Sophie & Cindi

*The book we are using as a guide is Vocabulary for the College-Bound Student (3rd ed.) by Harold Levine, Norman Levine, and Robert T. Levine.


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