Review: Bath Tangle by Georgette Heyer

Bath TangleEarl of Spenborough just passed away, leaving his wife (Fanny) and his daughter (Serena) alone. We begin to learn that Fanny is actually younger than Serena but that doesn’t stop both of them from being best friends. I thought it was pretty cool that our main protagonist, Lady Serena, has a stepmother who is younger than her. We also begin to learn that Serena was once on the road to marriage with one of her father’s close friends, Ivo Rotherham a Marquis, but Serena could go through with the marriage because she thought they did not match well. When the Earl of Spenborough passed, he left a will. In the will, it is stated that Ivo Rotherham will be Serena’s guardian which mean he gets to approve who Serena can get married too. Anyway, in the beginning of the book, Serena is enraged that her father let the man who she walked out on as her guardian. Beginning to feel unwelcome and bored after spending her days helping her cousin, Hartley, take care of the estate and people, Serena decides it would be better to move to Bath with her stepmother in tow to meet new people and get a breath of fresh air.

This is where we go through a rollercoaster of events. Serena meets her old suitor who was a soldier and now a Major. They begin to rekindle their romance in Bath but not without Ivo finding out. Soon after, Rotherham (Ivo) enters into an engagement with a girl who only wants his status and society. Serena becomes friends with a very wealthy old lady who may be related to the girl Rotherham is engaged to.  Seeing Serena with her apparent suitor, Rotherham begins to see it was a mistake to propose to that girl (because he loves Serena) and goes through many (I thought it was hilarious) unfortunate things to make the girl stop the engagement (because as a gentleman, Ivo can’t break off engagement). We also learn that Fanny and Major Hector might have feelings for each other. In additions to this, Serena might also have feelings to Rotherham.

Surprisingly enough, Serena and Ivo are actually very close to each other (although throughout the book they do verbally spar a lot).Serena is the only one who is able to stand up to him about things he did rudely. Ivo’s presense can sometimes be very intimidating to others. Ivo actually takes Serena’s comments to heart. In turn, Ivo is the one who can withstand Serena’s temper and who does not disapprove of her (dangerous?) hobby of riding horses (the hobby her father would enjoy with her). Ivo also actually understand Serena better that almost anyone else.

Serena: I really like her and respect her even though her temper is quite intense. She was almost always herself and didn’t care who judged her when she made friends with less than suitable company below her status. She welcomed the stepmother, Fanny and cherished her as a friend. Serena, having been raised by her father, is more courageous and strong minded sometimes.  She felt that his father only pushed her to marry Rotherham because Rotherham was a close friend and had some things in common (I think her father matched them up because they both suited each other quite well).

Rotherham (Ivo): He is seen as an intimidating person sometimes by others. He makes a good match with Serena because he cares for her well-being, interest, and rights. When Serena sold her horses because she didn’t have a vast place to ride them anymore and it would make no sense for her to own six horses, Ivo was willing to pay (with his own money) for the housing of the horses and say it was from the money her father left her.  I like that he always does the right thing when he feels it is in the wrong. In the end of the book, I found him indirectly hilarious in his way of explaining what happen. I laughed alongside Major Hector who was speaking to him.

Usually I would use quotes to give people a better understanding on the characters and such but I don’t think the quotes will do justice on Rotherham and Serena’s relationship. Their love isn’t displayed in a corny, flowery affection but it is beautiful nonetheless. It very difficult for me to describe it at this moment but I really like their relationship on par with those lovey-dovey type of couples.

This would be the first book I read for Georgette Heyer and I, of course, love it. I borrowed this book as an e-book via my library’s online database. I am slowly getting into the world on borrowing e-books from the library but the selection is, of course, limited. I’m hoping Amazon has a sale on her books soon. I already made a list of the books I want to buy from Georgette Heyer. I am definitely going to read more from her because her books are filled with humor and engaging romances. Does anyone have any recommendations on what to read first? I’m deciding on either Devil’s Cub or The Black Sheep.


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