Daily Prompt: Five Items (Joint Post)

Daily Prompt: A classic question, revisited: what are the five items you must have on a deserted island?


1: A hand-operated flashlight – A light source is definitely crucial, since it’s bound to get dark. Also, why bother with a flashlight that runs on battery? The battery would die sooner or later…

2: Seeds – The ultimate backup plan. If there is no way out, then I’ll need a way to live on.

3: Drinking Water – Until I learn how to remove the salt particles from sea water, I’ll have to rely on clean, fresh water. Lots of it.

4: A Blade – One of the key necessities to survival. Defense, food, and other resources can be obtained from this one item…

5: A Family Photo – Haha, yes; I am a sentimentalist. This item is the ultimate form of motivation I need to push myself along the journey of survival.


1: A device with music – So I don’t go crazy talking to myself. Also, listening to music makes me happy. I will be able to expand my imagination.

2: A (waterproof) journal – To tell my story and my thoughts. To make sure I will be remembered by friends and family.

3: Pencil(s) ^

4: A (waterproof) camera – To take pictures of everything on that island. Maybe I’ll catch a a glimpse of a supernatural creature. Also, to take a picture of myself so history (and family) can remember what I look like.

5: An army Swiss knife – Yeah like I want to be stuck on an island. Lord of the Flies taught me I should be prepared.

What would you bring? Comment down below~ 


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