Opinion: Has the SkyeWard Ship Sunk?


For those who are active viewers of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., I’m sure we all felt something regarding Agent Ward and Agent May’s relationship. That “something” I felt was one thing, shock. I wasn’t sure if I was being trolled or not, but I was absolutely flabbergasted. Ward and May? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS? I honestly would’ve never saw that coming.

I have to say one thing though; the directors did an amazing job at providing a plot twist. I applaud you guys. Bravo.

However, I don’t ship May and Ward at all, and I have many reasons why I feel this way. First of all, the characters in Coulson’s team are pretty much matched: Fitz with Simmons (hence, Fitzsimmons), SKYE and Ward, and if anything, possibly May and Coulson. Possibly. I think I’m upset because that pairing structure has literally been obstructed.

The second reason why I ship SkyeWard and not MayWard(?) is because of the connection between Skye and Ward. When I see May and Ward interact, everything seems hindered; there seems to be no affection at all. Agent May’s character is extremely uptight; she plays by the rules and she seems to have plenty of hidden secrets that she’s unwilling to open up. When I see MayWard, it seems a lot like a relationship with no energy, like a relationship that lacks a spark.

However, when I see SkyeWard, I see playfulness, which is definitely brought on by Skye’s character. Because she is a girl with wit and humor, I feel like she is able to unveil another side of Ward, a side that is perhaps really affectionate. Another thing about this pairing is that Skye is willing to learn more about Ward; her interest shows. I just feel like Skye can bring out the best in Ward, while all May does is relate to him.

Anyways, although I was pretty upset about the MayWard pairing, I think I understand why the directors did it. If Skye and Ward were to be paired up right away, the relationship would be too rushed and the chemistry wouldn’t be there. I think the directors are trying to gradually build up drama (and perhaps a love triangle) to make future episodes more interesting. I mean, if that’s what the directors are trying to do, I totally approve! I just hope that we, as the audience, will be able to see more signs of SkyeWard in the episodes to come.

Okay, that’s my rant on the pairings. I’m curious though, what do you guys think about relationships Ward is involved in with May and Skye? Please leave a comment below because I want to hear what you think about this matter!

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