Daily Prompt: I Believe

Daily Prompt For today’s prompt, tell us three things that you believe in your heart to be true. Tell us three things you believe in your heart to be false.

Believing by Sophie

I believe in luck and chances. Did someone notice the good thing you did? Did someone notice the bad thing you did? Did you distract yourself at that exact moment? Did you decide to go out that day? Did you bump into a potential friend? Were you seated next to a stranger? Did you decide to make small talk? What did you talk about? Did you smile and lifted that person’s spirit? Or did you look out the window deciding it’s not worth talking?

I believe if you have great care for something, you can do amazing things. You feel a burst of confidence. Your heart tightens and your heart beats harder. You smile brighter and stare straight forward. When your angry or frustrated, you don’t give up. Your mind is sharp and your body is strong.

I (want to) believe in a multiverse type scenario. I would like to believe our life is filled with so many choice leading to endless results. Like a tree branch, when you choose an answer, it leads to slightly different choice. Also, when you choose to do something, your outcome is like an endless moving and rotating Rubik’s cube.


I don’t believe in white lies or selfless lies.

I don’t believe my stuff animals are alive. (yet, I’m a bit creeped out)


My Beanie Balls.

I don’t believe in having only one soulmate your whole life. I believe you have multiple soulmates scattered everywhere. It just depends on the right place and time.


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