Feeling Like a Detective: Where’s my math book?

Where’s my math book? by Sophie


It was a Thursday, March 16th. I was in my 4th period class (Peer Counseling) and our class had a substitute. I asked him if I could go to the Career Center to type and print out an essay. I brought my math book with me.

When I entered the Career Center, there was a class using most of the computers. I stared across the room, saw counselors, and deduced that it was a freshmen class choosing classes for next year. I worked on my essay until lunch ended. The bell rang and I had 8 minutes to go to the next class. I panicked and quickly printed out my essay on Printer B (which was next to me). Unfortunately for me, Printer B had a low-ink problem and I had to go to Printer A, the one closest to the door. By this time, I had already logged off, put on my backpack, grabbed the pages on Printer A, and headed for the door.

I realized I had forgotten my math book when I was on my way home after school..

“I think I left my math book,” I said to Cindi who was in the back seat.

“It’s probably in [——-]’s class” Cindi offered. ( My 6th period AP US History class (same class as my Peer Counseling class), the last class of the day.)

I started wondering to myself. Did I take it with me to the Career Center? Did I take my math book with me to 5th period? Was I holding it on the way down the stairs in my last class of the day? I mentally thought back to the time where I grabbed by math book from my desk from 4th period on my way to the Career Center. I was pretty confident I left it on the side of the computer.

Friday came. When my 0 period ended a bit earlier than usual, I raced to the Career Center. The lady working there said she had no clue where my book was. She advised me to go to the Business and Activities office. I raced there too. After 3-4 minutes trying to announce my presence to a distracted lady behind a desk, I asked her about a missing math book. She did not know anything about my book and directed me to the Library, which is on the other side of the campus. Again, I raced there. The librarian said she did not see anything and gave me a whole “incase for the worst” speech. She was pointing out how this will affect getting my transcript on time and how this will affect getting my books for senior year on time.

I barely made it to 1st period. Since it was a minimum day, my classes did not do much. I asked my math teacher if I could go find my math book. I realized that when I left the Career Center on Thursday, freshmen were still picking class after lunch. I thought one of the freshmen might have found my book after I left. I needed to know which freshmen class it was; therefore, I went back to the Career Center and the lady said I should ask the Guidance office. I paced to the Guidance Office and the counselor there told me which freshmen class it was. I knew where it was since that was my English Honors class from freshmen year. Unfortunately there was a substitute thus I asked if she could ask her 5th period class if they saw anything and tell me later. Then I went back to my math class and waited.

On my way to 2nd period, I realized I could go to my 5th period Spanish class to ask if maybe I did take the math book with me to my 5th period class after lunch.

“Perdí mi libro de matematicas. ¿Lo ves?” I stumbled.

“No pero puedes buscar bajo los escritorios.” my Spanish teacher said. (Something like this. My memory is fuzzy)

I did not find anything so my last hope was to wait for the 5th period freshman substitute later that afternoon.

After 5th period, I went to the last class of the day to tell my teacher I’ll be back. He was not there yet, so I told Cindi to tell him I’ll be back. I raced (again) to the freshmen class. The substitute said no one found anything. Dejected, I ran to back to my last class since we were having a time-constrained AP US History test. Friday’s test was about 22 minutes and I was 1-2 minutes late.

By the time I reached my class, everyone had their faces down, quietly taking the test. I went up to my teacher and told him :

“I lost my math book yesterday. I was looking for it.”

He understood and I went to my desk to take the test.

He came over and said “Is this your book? The substitute found this yesterday.”

I was awestruck. I felt exacerbated. It was my book. I thanked him and resumed my test in a hurry.

Throughout this whole experience I was feeling so bad because I kept reminding myself I have to pay for the math book which probably cost more than $100. I did not want to burden my parents with the fee. I thought I could do other things with that money. I could buy another penny board (even though I had not really mastered the basics yet). I could buy myself a new bookshelf. I could buy myself a new drawer that did not smell so mothy. And you know what? Now I can buy these things. So there, now I have my math book and my wallet is undisturbed…for now.


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