“Thoughts After a Hit-and-Run Accident”

by Cindi

I have never felt so disgusted about an individual before.

How could you just hit my car, reverse your own, and then take off like nothing happened?

What’s even worse was that prior to driving off, you tried to trick me by telling me drive into the parking lot so we can “talk about it.”

I was so awestruck and shaken that I didn’t know what to do. I just sat in the car, dumbfounded. I didn’t even realize you were taking off like a sissy until I saw my dad chasing after your car.

I was so confused. Why did you make it worse by driving away, avoiding the responsibility you were entitled to? Why couldn’t you just stand up and be a man? Why make it harder for yourself?

That’s when I started to cry. I wasn’t crying about your hideous lie nor the damage you imposed on my parents’ car; I was crying because you made me feel like I disappointed my parents, because at the end of the day, my parents are going to be the one handling all the stuff regarding insurance and payments.

Though this whole incident was just smothered with a cloud of negativity, there was still, for the lack of better words, a ray of light that was present. I learned that besides douche-bags like you, there are actually wonderful individuals that exist. I’m extremely grateful for the people who witnessed the accident and decided write down your plate number. I know how easy it is to just stop and stare and think, “Oh, this doesn’t concern me; no need to do anything about it.”

Instead, they offered their help. Without them, I don’t think I, nor my dad, would’ve known what to do, especially since it’s the first hit-and-run that both of us have ever encountered. I’m particularly appreciative of Mr. Alex, who stuck with my dad and I through the whole thing. He helped us call 911, explained everything to the officers, and offered himself as a witness.

I’m still shaken up, but I feel really fortunate that no one got injured and that there were incredible people that helped me out. I hope the sheriffs find you and I hope you face the consequences and fines that you deserve.

P.S. Hopefully, the headache I’m having isn’t caused by the accident.

Picture credits go tohttp://www.icewallpapers.com/view/eye_of_the_storm/91207


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