Daily Prompt: Young at Heart – “Neverland”

Daily PromptWhat are your thoughts on aging? How will you stay young at heart as you get older?

“Neverland” by Cindi

It’s funny; when I think back to my childhood, one of my burning wishes was to grow up and be an adult. The freedom and the never-ending list of opportunities were extremely appealing. I just wanted to grow up and experience something besides the process of going to school and going back home.

As years and birthdays go by, my mindset seems to alternate a bit. The desire to become an adult and grow up steeps to a low minimal. All of a sudden, all these new responsibilities appear in front of my face and sometimes, it’s just too overwhelming. The gigantic load of stress from these responsibilities sometimes swallow me up, forcing me to break down, curl up in my bed, and cry myself to sleep.

I know that it’s going to get harder.

The responsibilities will double, maybe even triple or quadruple, and that the stress will be much more awful than it is now. I also know that as I age, I will experience moments filled with sadness and grief. But that is just what life is; it’s a crazy roller coaster.

However, the fact that life is cray-cray is, unfortunately, unavoidable. My way of channeling my inner youth is by doing activities I enjoy, like dancing, reading, and socializing. Honestly, I think that as long as you do something you used to like or do a lot, it’s a good way to “stay young at heart.”

I never understood why Peter Pan and the Lost Boys hated the concept of growing up; however, now, I’m starting to see their perspective.



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