Spring Fashion 2014: Girls’ Generation Inspiration!

*Note: All photo credits go to their rightful owners. No copyright infringement intended.

Ahh, spring. In my eyes, spring means mostly one thing – exams. However, I like to take my mind off of those things by looking at the positive angle of spring, and that is, of course, spring fashion!

If you have seen my last post on fashion, you would know that I am a huge fan of Girls’ Generation and their airport styles and that I like to draw inspiration from their looks.

This time, I decided to do something  a bit different; I attempted to recreate their looks with my interpretation of the outfits by using Polyvore.com. It’s weird because I used the site a lot as a kid, just messing around and creating random looks, but it’s so cool how I get to use it for a blog!

Remember, these outfits are sources of inspiration, so it’s definitely up to your interpretation! Mix the outfits up, switch them around, and add in your own twist; just make it you.

Also, please note that I do live in Southern California, so a lot of the outfits are meant for a warmer spring; however, I put in a few outfits that work for cooler areas!

I hope you all enjoy this and let’s get started! If you have any comments, leave them down below! Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog and like this post! 🙂 ~Cindi


Jessica Spring 2014


Tiffany Spring 2014


Sooyoung Spring 2014


Yoona Spring 2014

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