[Field trip] 140424 Downtown Women’s Center & Olvera Street

Written by Sophie

My first year Peer Counseling class fundraised money to visit one of the only Homeless Shelters for Single Women. Cindi is in second year peer counseling therefore she had this trip last year. In Peer Counseling we learn about teen problems, counseling, family problems as well as socialize with classmates you usually don’t have classes with. This is one of the classes where high school students aren’t grouped together by age.


Problem Bubbles on Homelessness

Homelessness is one of the biggest problems in the world. During a tour around the Downtown Women’s Shelter, my classmates and I discussed the problems and opinions of homelessness. We also discussed what solutions there are and how the economy and government affects homelessness. I heard in the discussion that sometimes even the police would take homeless people who walking around in residential cities and drop them off near or around skid row. So many problems [ as seen in the picture above ] contribute to the increase of the homeless population. The lack of support and even active recognition makes it difficult for homeless people to get back on to their feet permanently.


The shelter was started by these two women. They noticed there were not any shelters for homeless single women. Their women shelter expanded and in 2010, they opened up a second building that could fit more women inside. They have a 95% success rate in which previous homeless women are able to get back on their feet and never have to go back to homelessness. Their shelter works because they provide permanent housing for women for a very low price. They provide 2 meals and an afternoon snack a day, I believe. They also have a lot of programs to develop job skills, to provide support for the mentally ill and other support groups.

The DWC has a great facility. I was surprised by how nice everything looked. Their building was decorated by interior designers for free. They believe in providing a family-like atmosphere.


Made by the DWC

They even have a cafe/boutique where they sell homemade items made by the women from the shelter and baked goods to raise money.

Later on, my classmates and I went to the LA plaza, most specifically, Olvera Street.


Olvera Street

My teacher recommend my friends and I to go see the original Adobe house


the adobe house


adobe kitchen


and the mural where it can be view from afar on a balcony.



I had a great time walking so much culture. I especially loved the yummy food and beautiful buildings. I learned a lot about homelessness and appreciate DWC giving us a tour. We has great moments where we shared personal stories and close family issues dealing with homelessness. Hopefully in the future I’ll visit and come help out.


Inside the Adobe House





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