Springing into Summer: A Mini-Haul

Aeropostale, Old Navy, H&M

Aeropostale, Old Navy, H&M

Hola! So today, I’m trying something completely different on this blog; I’m going to post about my mini haul! I’m really excited because I haven’t been shopping for ages (thanks AP exams!) and I finally found some items that I am extremely ecstatic about!

“Springing into Summer” by Cindi

Yesterday, instead of walking around the entire mall, I decided to only visit the stores that I usually shop in because I didn’t want too spend that much time at the mall. Crazy right? Who wouldn’t want to spend their entire day at the mall? That’s simple– me.

The first items I bought were from Aeropostale. I use to shop there all the time, but as I grew up, I slowly stepped away from the store. However, Aero has some really nice clothes and I picked up a few pieces. I was specifically looking for a dress to wear for graduation, and I found one that I really love!

Aeropostale Skater Dress: ~$13

Aeropostale Floral Skater Dress: ~$13


Aeropostale Tank: ~$6

Aeropostale Tank: ~$6


Aeropostale Lace Chambray Shirt: ~$16

Aeropostale Lace Chambray Shirt: ~$16


Next, I went to Old Navy for fun and I grabbed myself a pair of flip-flops. I haven’t worn flip-flops for years because my mom was afraid that my feet would be shaped weirdly as they grew… Anyways,  I’m planning to go get another pair because they are incredibly comfy, considering the really good price.

Old Navy Flip-Flops: ~$3

Old Navy Flip-Flops: ~$3


Last but not least, I went to H&M and I bought a white/cream colored cardigan. This was a good buy because it matches with any outfit I assemble. 🙂

H&M Cardigan: ~$13

H&M Cardigan: ~$13


I had a blast shopping and I am ecstatic about these new pieces! I think they’re perfect for summer~


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