Daily Prompt: “Donations, Donations!”

Daily Prompt (BACK OF THE QUEUE): Is there something you’ve always wanted to do, but never got around to starting (an activity, a hobby, or anything else, really)? Tell us about it — and tell us about what’s keeping you from doing it.

“Donations, Donations!” by Cindi

We all know that the “World Wide Web” can be a place of miracles and wonders. We see numerous stories about internet users contributing to help families and other notable causes. The acts of kindness are evident and can be backed up by the existence of websites such as GoFundMe and Kickstarter.

Because of this amazing side of the internet, I’ve always wanted to utilize it as well. One day, a noteworthy idea crossed my mind. Is it possible to create a website doing something I like and at the same time, gather donations to donate to third world countries? What if I create a product, sell it, and donate the money? Is it possible?

Well, we all know that it’s possible. I know it is possible, and I really want to set forth to launch that project. However, I pondered about the project a bit longer. Creating a project this big requires a lot of resources, and unfortunately for me, my pool of resources is shallow. Besides resources, this type of project requires brainpower as well. I have yet to come up with a unique product to offer the internet.

In a nutshell, what’s keeping me from starting this project is the fact that I don’t have all the basic necessities required.

However, this doesn’t mean that I’ve a reached a dead end. This idea continues to pop up in my head. Hopefully, in the future, I am able to announce the official launch of that project on this blog. That is the vision I have.


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