Daily Prompt: “Splatter”

Daily Prompt (Frame of Mind): If you could paint your current mood onto a canvas, what would that painting look like? What would it depict?

“Splatter” by Cindi

Seventy-four minutes in, both sides with zero goals. I–GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL. Wait, that wasn’t a goal???

With the World Cup semi-finals in full force, my mind is completely puzzled. Brazil’s lost yesterday not only devastated Brazilians, but it devastated me as well.

Right now, the Argentina vs. Netherlands game is going on. Unlike yesterday, I’m completely amped up and optimistic. Both teams are exhibiting their amazing skills and I’m totally enjoying the growing intensity of the game.

I’m not an artist, but if I can picture my mood on a canvas, it would be a mess. There would be a bunch of colors, but Argentina’s flag’s colors would be the most prominent colors on the canvas. Blotches and splatters would consume the entire canvas. Yes, that’s how my mood is right now.

This “painting,” which I would probably name “Argentina,” symbolizes my desire for Argentina to have a chance at the World Cup. The unorganized structure represents my feelings, especially since I really like the Netherlands as well. However, only one team can win, and I’m rooting for Argentina.


[UPDATE] Argentina moves on to the finals! 🙂




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