Daily Prompt: “The Vending Machine Scene” (link included!)

Daily Prompt (Can’t Watch This): When was the last time you watched something so scary, cringe-worthy, or unbelievably tacky — in a movie, on TV, or in real life — you had to cover your eyes?

“The Vending Machine Scene” by Cindi

A lot of my friends and family members know that I love watching Korean dramas. One thing they may not know is that I tend to re-watch the dramas I love. I especially love to re-watch dramas with someone else, just so I can see his or her facial reactions to the funny/scary/cringe-worthy parts in the show.

During the past few days, I have been watching Playful Kiss, one of my favorite Korean dramas, with my mom. The thing about Playful Kiss is that it’s FILLED with cringe-worthy moments, and because this is perhaps my third time watching it, I know exactly where and when those scenes take place.

The scene that brought the most second-hand embarrassment is what I call “the vending machine scene.” The main character, a girl name Oh Ha Ni, has this amazing skill of getting the vending machine to work whenever an item gets jammed inside. However, in order for that skill to work, Oh Ha Ni has to initiate this weird routine which involves pulling down her leggings, cracking her neck, and eventually, landing a kick on the machine itself.

Although that routine itself is cringe-worthy enough, the scene doesn’t become embarrassing until Oh Ha Ni’s crush comes over to the vending machine. Oh Ha Ni’s crush puts money into the vending machine and guess what? The item gets stuck. Who comes to the rescue? Embarrassing enough, it’s Oh Ha Ni and her fabulous routine.

Of course, it’s probably hard to visualize what in the world I’m talking about. Therefore, I included the link to the video below. *Skip to the 7:50 mark and watch until 12:15 mark (English subtitles are available by clicking the “CC” button).*


If you watched the link, I think you now know what I mean by cringe-worthy. However, though I have watched the scene multiple times and have felt the second-hand embarrassment from it, I love showing it to people to see their reactions. As for the drama Playful Kiss, I totally recommend it to people who love dorky story plots!

Video rights go to MBC and Viki.


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