Review: Bones Season 10 Episode 1 & 2 – My Sadness…

by Cindi Y.


Episode 1: The team attempt to find the identities of the people responsible for framing Booth and sending him to prison.

Are you guys shocked or are you guys shocked? After watching this episode, I was literally speechless. At first, I felt agony; after that, I felt anger. I’ve been watching Bones for a while now, so technically, I should be prepared to encounter any sudden deaths within the Bones family. However, the death that occurred in this episode shook me up. I honestly can’t believe that Lance Sweets was killed. This fact still hasn’t settled in my mind.

The episode started where I thought was appropriate; Booth was in jail and to me, this scene helped refresh viewers’ minds. As the episode went on, the momentum picked up. For example, I was extremely shocked yet amused when Brennan decided to use blackmailing to get Booth out of jail. Of course, I was a bit afraid and skeptical about her approach (she never blackmailed before), but that scene definitely brought a bit of comic relief.


The part I really want to talk about was the moment that surprised everyone- Dr. Sweets’s death. Maybe I was oblivious, but I honestly didn’t see any signs leading up to that moment. I mean, okay, Sweets was going to fetch the documents, which is totally normal since he was working on the case. Even when I saw him lying on the floor bleeding, I thought that everything would be fine. I was like, okay, they’ll get him to the hospital and he’ll recover, right? WRONG. I was so wrong; Dr. Sweets died right there. I was devastated and I just bawled my eyes out. I couldn’t imagine what the show would be like without Sweets’s cute and quirky humor… I really couldn’t see how the show would go on without him. I was also upset because he was about to become a dad too… He was about to experience one of the happiest moments in his life and all of a sudden, his life was taken away. Sad, just sad.

bones2 bones3

At the end of the episode, I asked myself, How is everyone going to handle it? What will become of Daisy and the baby? How will I deal with this?

Overall I thought the episode was pretty great. Sweet’s death came as a major shock but of course, the show must go on.

Rating: ⅘. The episode, in a way, tied up the loose ends from the previous season. It literally started the season with a bang.


Episode 2: With Sweets murdered, the team must piece together the final clues he left them in order to find the identity of his killer and thus another piece in the conspiracy that sent Booth to prison.

The episode was the perfect follow-up to Sweets’s death. I cried a lot watching the previous episode, but I cried even more watching this episode. While watching this episode, I can feel the pain each character faced; that’s how good the acting was. I was grateful because it seemed like all the questions I had after the last episode were answered in this one.

The person I was most worried about was Agent Booth. First, his trust and belief in the institution he served were shattered. Second, one of his closest squints dies, and it’s possibly because of a conspiracy revolving around that same institution. There was a point in the episode where Booth was about to lose it, but luckily, we have logical Bones to firmly remind Booth that he “is a good man.” I find this part so relatable to real life because sometimes, we’re just so caught up in our obstacles that we forget our foundations and beliefs. That part in the show was probably one of my favorite moments.

bones4 bones5

The show continued on and eventually, they found the actual killer of the killer that killed Sweets (complicated, I know). There was this scene where handwritten papers of Sweets were found. On the paper, it showed the name “Seeley” repeatedly written on it. Daisy then told the others that Sweets was planning to name the child after Booth.

That, and the ending, which was Sweets’s funeral, broke me. At the funeral, everyone he loved, everyone that he considered family, was there to just honor and remember him. In a sense, it was kind of like a final goodbye to Sweets. When they ended the episode with Sweets’s favorite song, my heart was literally aching. I guess this scene emphasized that Sweets is gone. ):

Dr. Lance Sweets's Funeral )':

Dr. Lance Sweets’s Funeral )’:

Overall, I loved the episode a lot. It was heartwarming to see everyone working together to find closure of some sort. Everyone was working towards a common goal, which was to find Sweets’s killer, and they did.

Rating: 4.5/5. Amazing episode. The emotions and feelings were beautifully depicted and shown.


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