Review: Supernatural Season 10 Episode 1

Review/Recap: Supernatural Season 10 Episode 1 by Sophie

Summary  : Season 10 begins with Dean enjoying life as a demon and carousing with Crowley. Meanwhile, Sam tries to figure out what happened to his brother; and Castiel deals with his diminishing grace. 

Initial Thoughts: Deanmon is super awesome and yet super cold. I quite like Dean as “Deanmon” because Dean got a lot for criticism from Sam about doing the right thing and about whats wrong. Also, being the older brother, he shouldered a lot of worry and responsibility. Though, I do feel for Sam because he is trying his hardest to contact Dean. With Castiel dealing with angel problems, and Deanmon not around, Sam has to tackle a lot of things on his own. Also, it was nice to see Crowley with Deanmon. They can finally have a bromance as nice as Sam/Dean and Castiel/Dean. HA! Anyway, being the King of Hell, Crowley has a lot of time to relax.. Sometimes, I don’t know what his whole plan is.

“You know what tickles me about all of this? It’s whats really eating you up. You don’t care he is a demon–heck, you’ve been a demon– we’ve all been demons. No.. It’s that he’s with me and he’s having the time of his life.” – Crowley to Sam on the phone.

Favorite Parts: So, when the episode began, Sam was searching for Dean. Apparently Castiel and Sam has been working together but that didn’t go well as Sam’s right arm was seen in a sling. Hanna, an angel from Heaven, went to ask Castiel for help against two fallen angels who refused to go back to Heaven. When Hanna knocked on Castiel’s door , Castiel was definitely naked. Hanna staring


Oh, Castiel.

“I’m.. sensing awkwardness” — Castiel when Hanna looked away from him.


When Sam caught of glimpse of Dean on a surveillance camera, he was pretty shocked that Dean had the demon eyes. Deanmon was beating someone up pretty badly at a convenience store when a guy attacked Deanmon while Deanmon was looking at a porn mag.

When Sam went to the convenience store to ask the clerk about the incident, it was hilarious!

Say my name

“Um.. When the guy.. when porn guy came in. Did he say anything?” – Sam

“..Where’s the porn?” – Clerk

Final Thoughts: I would like to see Crowley do amazing things soon. I hope is future episode we get to see more demon hunters or upcoming demon hunting. Ha, while typing “demon” for the previous sentence, I almost typed “deanmon”. “Deanmon” is so addictive to say.

I miss Helo — I mean, Gadreel– But I think he is gone for good. Though, I wouldn’t know how they would bring him back.

Also, theres this assassin/mercenary guy and he captured Sam. He initiated Deanmon by threatening Sam. I wasn’t that surprised when Dean said he wouldn’t save Sam.  I have no idea where this season is going towards the finale. If the assassin/mercenary guy going to stay? What was his history with Dean? Does he know Dean is now Deanmon?

Finally, I’m just glad Supernatural is back. I’ll be saving up for next Comic-con. I hope I see them there.


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