Review: Broadchurch Season 1

Review of Broadchurch by Sophie

Summary: A seasoned detective, Alec Hardy, arrives at Broadchurch. Getting away from his past and his previous failed murder case, he takes up a new murder case within Broadchurch. This murder case shakes the town as the town is small and everyone knows everyone. Partnered up with a local detective, Ellie Miller,  Alec and Ellie goes through the whole Season 1 trying to find the murderer. Secrets, lies, and affairs surrounds the case of the murdered boy, Danny Latimer. One by one, townspeople are becoming suspects. Everyone is hiding something and each episode we find another clue to the mystery. Tensions and anxiety rises and everyone points at everyone else.  We watch as Detective Hardy and Detective Miller risk everything to find the murderer and secrets uncover.

Initial Thoughts:

I discovered Broadchurch after watching Doctor Who and loved David Tennant playing the 10th Doctor. I didn’t think it would be that scary because like any detective show, each episode is a new case. But, Broadchurch Season 1 revolved around one murder case. I was at the edge of my seat. I kept trying to guess who murdered Danny Latimer. I have watched so many detective shows that even Cindi, my blog partner, was impressed by my guessing skills.

At first I was like, its definitely that crazy scary looking lady right? What if it’s Danny’s best friend who said he actually hated Danny? And how about Nigel Carter who works with Danny’s father and lied about his alibi? The priest even looked suspicious because he claimed he always watched down the road at night because he has insomnia.

Each time I thought I knew who the murderer was, a new clue came up and secrets popped out and I had to guess again. It was really fun. I felt like I was watching the Christie Agatha book, And The There Was None. The shows could be a bit creepy at times mostly because I was so addicted to the show, I watched till 3am in the morning. I only had 2 episodes left to save for the next day. I get really paranoid after the end of each episode because it was so intense.

Latimer Family

So, Danny Latimer’s family had a really hard time coping. Everyone is town starts to get anxious. People you saw in the beginning scenes of the first episode are mostly all hiding something. It really showed the mess after a death. Danny’s parents became suspicious of each other. The whole season showed how they work with the police and the press to find out Danny’s murderer.

Detective Hardy and Detective Miller

Detective Hardy is a very serious person. Having lost his last case due to a mishap (you’ll learn the truth later on) , he is very determined to find out the truth and find hard evidence, strong enough to stick in the case. At first I was worried he did something bad from his previous case. The journalists made it seem that way. I felt really bad for him for what happened. Just want to give him a hug. It does help that he is David Tennant. Haha.

Maggie, Oliver, Karen

The press people did make me mad though. Yes, most of them had good intentions. I’m just glad they found out the truth about Detective Hardy at the end. Karen White, a reporter, did feel bad for misjudging Det. Hardy. I don’t remember if she apologized. Oliver Stevens, a local reporter, was quite eager in the beginning to take on the case. He wanted to become a national reporter and to him, this case was going to be his stepping stone. Luckily, he realized how he acted and how this affected the town and put his journalism skills to work at the end to help mend the town.


I recommend this show for people who like a mystery; People who want to be on the edge of their seat. This show is a good show to watch. The people seem genuine, the secrets make them more human, and the mystery is top notch.

For those who watched this, what do you think about Broadchurch? And what do you expect for the second season?


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