Trying Out Some Art Projects: November 2014

I’ve been trying out some art projects since the summer and wanted to share some that I tried. – Sophie

The most recent ones are photo frames. I volunteer at the library and they have an event for all the volunteers to celebrate the end of the summer reading program. The vintage-looking one was from an older program at the library. The librarians liked it so much we had the same project to the volunteers. The second one is the glittery gold one. A fellow friend advised me to use tape to separate the glitter and the black. Though I should have waited some more, I used a gloss to paint all over it to keep the glitter on. It spread the glitter a bit but I like it anyway.

glitter picture frame

Glittery and Vintage photo frames – sophie

This one is for organizing. It holds all my pens and such. This particular project came from Bethany Mota. I watched her video for ideas about Christmas and crossed by this. It was a very practical project to try because I had toilet paper rolls, glue, construction paper, and a box. Since the box was a bit bigger, I stuffed the empty parts with cotton balls so it wouldn’t move. I did have glue on the bottom the connect the toilet paper rolls to the box but the cotton balls provides support.

toilet roll organizer

Toilet Roll Organizer Inspired by Bethany Mota – sophie

This one is one of my favorites. One of the head librarians wanted me to make it for a charity event as the center piece. They even added a picture of the center piece on their Facebook page.  I made this one with this template. (Not this actual one, but I can’t find the original) I used old pages from books on sale from the library since it was a library event. I used pipe cleaners for the stems. I like that the leaves are different colors. The book pages as the petals makes it timeless. Literally..because unlike real flowers, these stay and will always look beautiful! Though real flowers are also nice.

paper rose in jar

Paper Rose in a Jar – sophie

Centerpiece paper flowers

Centerpiece featuring the paper flower – sophie


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