Dresslink Review: First Order

1.What did you order? 

Sophie: My order came up to $18.82 with shipping being $11.46. Now, before you freak out because of the shipping cost, just remember that I ordered 5 things. My shipping cost is similar to Cindi’s because I think the shipping goes by bulk and weight.

Dresslink pieces

Cindi: My order came up to be $26.02 with $11.48 shipping. My order focused on tops because I feel like tops are the safest items you can buy when you’re shopping on a website you’ve never shopped on before.

The pictures above belong to Dresslink.com. None of the pictures are mine.

* When you sign up for Dresslink, you get a $50 coupon which deducts 15% of your overall purchase until the $50 coupon runs out after many purchases.

2.When did you order and how long did it get here?

Both: We ordered from UPS since we didn’t really trust Chinapost. We went with what we’re most familiar with ( which was UPS). Even though it was a bit more expensive.

Sophie: I ordered mine on September 18th, 2014. It was delivered to my doorstep at September 25, 2014.

Cindi: I ordered mine on September 28, 2014 . It was delivered to my doorstep on October 7,2014.

3.What was your favorite pieces?

Sophie: My favorite piece was the bandaged romper. It was unique and looked nice with stocking, tights, and such. It was really short though. I mean, I’m 4 feet 11 inches and it was pretty short.

Bandaged Romper

Cindi: I thought my favorite piece was going to be the blouse but surprisingly, it wasn’t. My favorite piece is actually the sweater with the zipper in the back. The sweater fits me nicely and it’s a very versatile piece. The quality is really nice for an inexpensive sweater.


4.Any pieces you did not like?

Sophie: The white top with a black tipped collar and black lined arms was an Asian Large but my bust was a bit tight. One the chart directly from the site, the shirt had a 96 cm chest size. I assumed the Asian Large was a US medium so it did fit. It just didn’t look right since the shirt didn’t fit my bust. So, if you order a shirt, make sure to measure your bust and add a few centimeters for room.

Cindi: I was really disappointed with the red skirt I bought. The actual color of the skirt compared to the picture on the website is way off. The length of the skirt is shorter that what it was stated on the website. I was excited about this piece so this is perhaps why I was so disappointed when I tried it on.

5.Any other compliments/complaints or customer services?

Sophie: I was really surprised with the shipping speed. It was really fast for a company based in China. I have bought from SheInside but Dresslink was much faster. I think it was because we got pick our shipping option of UPS.

Cindi: As for the clothes quality, you get what you pay for. Due to the huge amount of orders this company receives, the company doesn’t really have the time to make sure that the quality of each individual piece is on point. The quality of the clothing isn’t terrible, but it definitely could have been better. I had no problems with my order so fortunately, I didn’t have to contact customer services. I really do appreciate the quick shipping though. I understand that Dresslink is shipping from China, so I think it’s amazing that I got my items within two weeks with regular shipping.

*It should be noted that when buying shoes, it will be more expensive because shoes are much heavy. For example, the shipping would be about $6-7 for the shoes if you’re buying boots.

6.Would you purchase from this site again?

Sophie: Yes, I would order again because the clothes are inexpensive. I actually eyeing some platform shoes from Dresslink but I’m waiting for a sale. I am a bit wary on the sizing since I have not purchased shoes from Dresslink yet. I will probably be very cautious on sizing but I’m glad I purchased from them once to see how the clothes are and how fast they ship. Now, I know they are reliable to me.

Cindi: Yes, I would probably purchase from Dresslink again. However, I’m limiting myself to only tops and dresses because I am very skeptical about the sizing of bottoms. The fact that I’m tall makes shopping for bottoms quite difficult.


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