The Getty Museum in Los Angeles

by Cindi Y.

First of all, I just want to say how happy I am to be taking the AP Art History class in my school. This class gave me the perfect opportunity to cross off one item on my bucket list. I was able to remove “visit an art museum” from my list.

Last Thursday, November 6th, my class and I made our way over to the Getty Museum near downtown Los Angeles. I’ve always wanted to visit an art museum, so I was pretty ecstatic about the field trip.

The museum itself is just beautiful. Everything about it was breathtaking: the architecture, the view, and the setting. The place was relatively big and the art pieces it contained varied.

My favorite part of the museum was definitely the garden. There were so many plants that framed the entire area beautifully. The garden has a peaceful and calm atmosphere,  which allows the observer to enjoy the area even more.

The rest of the museum is pretty amazing as well. Rather than just writing about it, I’m inserting a gallery of all the photos I took at the Getty! Please enjoy them~

All photo credits belong to me. Please do not take without permission. 

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