First Time Playing Dungeons and Dragons – 5th Edition Part 1

So here is what happened. I really wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons. Having watched videos of Wil Wheaton play it on Youtube, I realized I didn’t just want to watch. I always loved medieval things and this was my chance to do it. – Sophie

There was one problem though. I didn’t have anyone to play it with. My friends were NOT Dungeons and Dragons type of people. I was pretty sure half of them haven’t even watched Lord the Rings trilogy. I was definitely sure they have not heard of Doctor Who, Supernatural, Tabletop Games, The Guild, etc. In essence, my friends and I liked different things. They only way they would play with me was by making them play with me. Let’s just say after an afternoon at a Korean BBQ restaurant, my 5 friends (one of them was just watching) and I sat at a Starbucks across the street while I spread out the character sheets and everything.


It should be noted that I gave them a copy of their character sheets and I prepared as Dungeon Master a week before.

As Dungeon Master, I practiced by watching a group of people play the exact same set on youtube. I think some of the players worked for Dungeons and Dragons online game.

1. How did it start off?

The start kit has 5 character sheet. Can you believe that my 4 friends chose their characters and NONE chose the cleric. Yeah, what a great start. We were beginners and we didn’t even have a cleric. As Dungeon Master, I tried my best with the story. The book itself was a great help. I did stumble and such but my friends had a lot of patience.

Note: We played for about 2 hours.  In those 2 hours, we finished Part 1 of 4 parts.

2. Was it fun?

Heck yeah! Even my friends and I were all beginners, we had a lot of fun. I would advise to give each other funny names. We gave one of my friends who was the wizard in our group the name “Dirt Friend” (inside joke). So every time someone was in trouble, they would call out “Dirt Friend , help!”  It really cheered all of us up to make up names and such. Also, our only rogue kept getting attacked by the goblins. We kept teasing her that she was a horrible criminal.

One of my favorite parts was when someone (friend) had the interrogate the captured goblin (Me). Since it was our first time, my rogue friends kept smiling as she interrogated me. So, we had a lot of laughs.

3. Any troubles?

– I realized I should have clarified what Ability checks were and when they could use them.

– I should have bought more dice since the set came with only one set. So we all had the share.

– I had to hint a lot about the plot because as total beginner, my friends didn’t know what to do next.

– I gave one of my friends an Inspiration for being in-character. Though, I realized I didn’t know how Inspiration was used. Accordingly, I also didn’t know how to use advantage rolls.

-I was confuse on what the other dices purpose was. We only used d20, d8, and d6. I think we might have use one more but I’m not sure.

– The Wizard and I had to set aside about 3-5 minutes in the game while he looked over his options for spells. Advice: understand prepared slots and cantrips and such beforehand, it will save time and a lot fo confusion.

– So, as you can see I didn’t know some stuff. Though we still played. We all agreed to omit some stuff because we didn’t want to bother stopping the game.

4. What did you think after the game?

I’m glad I played even though I didn’t understand a lot of things. I was able to learn through mistakes. My friends kept telling me they had a lot of fun. They want to play again soon since we are on winter break. I am also eager to play again. Hopefully, I’ll learn more things and I can clarify things to my friends.


2 responses to “First Time Playing Dungeons and Dragons – 5th Edition Part 1

  1. Sounds like fun! And if all the troubles your group had were understanding the mechanics of the game, you’re off to a great start. Better than seeking out an experienced group to game with who will get impatient with your grasp on rules.

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