Daily Prompt: All Grown Up?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “All Grown Up.”

When was the first time you really felt like a grown up (if ever)?

I’m 17. For goodness sakes of course I’m not “grown up”. I realized people have different definitions of grown up. So did my OWN definition of Grown Up happen yet?

Before I read other people’s responses, I thought the feeling of grown up meant the feeling of breaking out of shell. So after reading other people’s responses, I realized “breaking out of the shell” was not it.

I would like to share that moment though!

Elementary school. I don’t remember what grade. Maybe 5th? It was a kind of end of the school year activity day. We had a rock climbing wall and I had never climbed one before. Surprisingly, the first time was a easy climb. I eagerly press the small red button repeatedly at the top that buzzed out to tell everyone I finished it. I was really proud of myself. Honestly, it was a huge moment for me. I think it was because I never really broke out of my shy shell.

I realized later on that I’m not shy. I’m just cautious. It was foolish of me to say I’m shy.

Anyway about a year later, we had another rock climbing wall. I was waiting in line and a teacher asked me if I ever climbed to the top before. I proudly said yes. Then, it was my turn to climb the rock wall. This time I felt my adrenaline running through me. I kept thinking some of the rocks were missing. (I think it was because I’m super short anyway.) So this time, I couldn’t make it to the top. I got about halfway before I slipped and fell to the bottom again.

This knocked me down a peg. Of course I wasn’t super sad but I came to realize everything isn’t always 100%. Doing something once doesn’t mean I can do it again. But it also meant doing something once doesn’t mean I can’t do it again. Did I just contradict myself? I have no idea.

I sometimes still feel this type of adrenaline or soreness in my fingertips to grab onto a rock again. Does this mean I should do it again? Maybe.

All I know is getting to the top of the rock wall made me soar above my dreams. And slipping halfway through the second time brought me back to reality.

I feel like I’m talking a bit weird. I think I watched too many Sherlock episodes.


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