Words, Language, Accent

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “I Got Skills.”

I was thinking about this. Should it be programming or sword fighting? Ultimately, the power of languages is more practical and awesome.

I would like the skill of learning languages fast. Or even just know languages immediately.

I could go around the world and understand everyone. I could travel and speak like I belong. Yet, people will be in awe of me.

I have trouble making conversation anyway. Thus, having the ability to know languages / learn languages quick would be amazing.

So far I know English, A bit of Cantonese , and a bit of Spanish (3 years of high school spanish). I always enjoyed learning languages. It is the sounds and the rolling of the tongue that I liked.

Latin, German , Gaelic, Swedish, Indian,French , etc.

There is so much history and so much different sounds.

At this point though, learning to read a poem or a book in its original language was be fantastic. To be able to reflect the story or feeling in its original language. The way it was suppose to be.


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