In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Shadowed.”

All photo credits go to me. Please do not take without permission. Thanks!

(c)CindiYu2015 (c)amidnightblog2015

by Cindi Yu

As I was going through my enormous gallery of photos on my phone, I noticed this picture. This picture, which was taken from a hiking trip at Eaton Canyon in Pasadena, really depicts the element of shadowing. My original intention for taking this photo was to capture the distance between where I was standing at that moment and the waterfall; the waterfall was actually the destination I wanted to get to.

However, now that I looked at the entirety of the photo, I realized that shadowing actually plays an influential role in highlighting the length that stood between the waterfall and me. Besides that, the shadows on the surface of the boulders really create an lonely and eerie atmosphere. This is a complete contrast in comparison to the brightly-lit rocks overhead. The shadows cloaking the waterfall create a pretty cool illusion too. In my opinion, the waterfall actually seems more secluded and sacred due to the shadowing.

Of course, while I was taking the picture, I wasn’t thinking about the shadows or anything; I just wanted a picture to document my progress. It’s cool how the photo actually turned out nice. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed my interpretation of this week’s photo challenge~ How do you interpret this photo? I would love to know, so please leave a comment down below!


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