“Take a Moment”

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge:


All photo credits go to me. Please do not take without permission. Thanks!

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“Take a Moment” by Cindi Yu

Out of all my high school years, senior year has been the busiest one. Club meetings, extracurricular activities, and homework assignments have consumed my life. I do enjoy being busy, but there are times when I feel like I have forgotten how to breathe. I am constantly trying to get from one place to the other that I forget to appreciate the amazing little things surrounding me.

However, while I was walking to a classroom for a club meeting last Friday, I noticed this beautiful scenery that was sprawled out in front of me. The view was so pretty that I just had to stop and admire it for a while. Prior to arriving at that area, I was in a rush. I remember being extremely tensed and tired, wishing to go home to take a nap. Taking the moment to embrace the vibrant-colored trees lying against the calm skies rejuvenated me and motivated me to push through that Friday.

This picture is actually one of my favorites and I think it depicts the concept of “serenity” pretty well. Although the trees contain such a vivid and rich pigmentation and color, they are still able to shadow and in a way, conceal an area that seems to be hidden away in seclusion. The cool thing is that even though I took the picture while it was pretty windy, the picture shows no sign of that. Everything in the photo–the blue skies, the erect branches, the fallen leaves– remains still and motionless.  To me, the combination of all these elements created a serene and calm panorama.

What do you think of my interpretation of “serenity?” Leave your comments down below 🙂


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