Trying Art Projects: February 2015

So, let us start with what I have finished and what I have helped finish. 

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. My local library made a backdrop with the zodiac, the ram. Technically the ones on the backdrop are sheep. Many volunteers help create the background, the painting, the sheep. I just wanted to show the nice work they did. Also, I help make the lanterns around the backdrop.

Sheep Backdrop

Along with the backdrop, we made 120+ sets of sheep crafts. This way kids could glue and create a sheep. Unfortunately, I don’t have the pictures. But I do have pictures of the red envelope lanterns I made as examples for some craft we will do later on.

I made two types. One requires 4 red envelopes. This one is the simplest one I could find. I was thinking about quantity and simplicity because we only have a limited amount of red envelopes. We need about 40+ sets.

To make this you would need to fold it in half so it can bend out in the finished product. After folding it in half, fold in the corners like this :

4 red en. foldingThen, connect all four envelopes with glue, tape, or staples. I prefer a glue stick. It turns out much better with a glue stick.

The second type of lantern I made requires 10 red envelopes.

finished 10 red en.The folding is quite different too. It is like a kite.

10 red. en. foldingFor the 10 red envelope lantern, you need to connect 5 envelopes. Glue the longer corners of the envelopes with all the other longer corners. Then connect another 5 envelopes so you can have two sets of this:

connecting 10 red en.

1 set of connect 5 red envelopes

After that, glue the shorter kite-like corners of 1st set to the 2nd set. Like connecting halves of a ball.

Thus I made this two types of red envelope lanterns. 

finished craftAs I mentioned before on my December 2014 Art Project post, I was going to finish my scarf. I feel awfully terrible for not finishing it. My lack of motivation comes from living in California and this week we had 80 – 90 degrees weather. There isn’t much need for scarfs – or rather thick knitted scarfs. My unfinished scarf is really bugging me. Firstly, I regret crocheting it so tightly. Secondly, it is taking on a lonely corner of my bed. I am so conflicted. I want to pull out all the yarn to start over yet I’m already more than 1/2 done…



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