Re: Oklahoma House Panel Votes to Eliminate AP US History Course

Read the article I am referring to here.

by Cindi Y.

As a student who is well-acquainted with the realm of AP courses and exams, I feel the need to voice my opinion regarding the issue banning the AP US History course by the Oklahoma House Panel.

When I first entered high school, I had no idea what AP classes were. I didn’t find out until my sophomore year, when I had the option to take my first ever AP class.

My experience with my first AP class, which was AP World History, proved to be a wonderful experience. By taking that course, I was able to contribute to what I have already learned as well as develop a more in-depth understanding of the topic. The challenges I overcame in that class and the study habits I picked up during that time encouraged me to continue challenging myself with AP courses throughout my high school career.

Now that I am reflecting on all the AP courses I have taken and am taking, I realized that all of them, no matter what topic they are, benefited me in so many ways. The classes provide more than just facts and details; they also provide the skills needed to become better students. The problem-solving abilities I learned in AP Physics, the comprehension skills I learned in AP Language and Composition, the analytical skills I’m learning in AP Art History– all these capabilities have made me a stronger candidate for obtaining a higher education and possibly, for obtaining a stable career in the future.

Therefore, as a student who gained so much knowledge and perspective from taking AP classes, the action enacted by the Oklahoma House Panel is truly alarming. What worries me about this situation is the fact that it might set a detrimental precedent for the American education system. I have siblings and I constantly worry about the education they’re receiving. It scares me to think that when they enter high school, they might not have the opportunity to take these wonderful and challenging courses; I want them to have the option to access these resources.

Although the Oklahoma House Panel has already made its decision, I am hoping that the ban on AP US History classes will be removed soon. I see no harm in showing the “negative view of American history”; in fact, showing the flaws in America’s history gives students perspective. It teaches them to be more open-minded and to see the world outside of just black-and-white. To me, an education that is honest is much more valuable than an education that dictates a one-way view. Just a thought.

What are your thoughts about this news? Please comment down below; I would love to know what you have to say regarding this topic 🙂


2 responses to “Re: Oklahoma House Panel Votes to Eliminate AP US History Course

  1. It is as though some very conservative people are distrustful of well educated, smart people. I am much older and am mildly alarmed at this growing movement of curbing young minds.

    • I agree; it’s a bit frightening to know that the future generations might have to face a situation in which their mindsets are limited in such a way.

      Thank you for your feedback!

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