Music Tuesdays – 07/21/15: Upbeat Party Edition

by Cindi Y. 

The video of the song is at the end of this post. 

For today’s Music Tuesday, I have a song that I am really excited to mention. Although I have just recently discovered the song, I am completely in love with it already. The song is… “All My Love” by Major Lazer, Ariana Grande, and Machel Montano!

I became a huge fan of Major Lazer after falling in love with a few of his hit songs (e.g. “Lean On” and “Bend Ova”).  I find his music incredibly unique and versatile as it tends to include eccentric sounds that seem to fit perfectly with the style of each song.

In the case of “All My Love,” the part that really stands out and that draws me in is the blending of the “dance-hall” vibe with the pop-, electronic-music feeling. I enjoy the different types of music, so the combination in this song is incredibly appealing to me.

Although the chorus is pretty repetitious (which tends to be characteristic of electronic music), the “dance-hall” moments in the song, in my opinion, helps distract listeners from the repetitiveness.

I really enjoy this song and it is one of my favorites (along with “PARTY” by Girls’ Generation). Give “All My Love” a listen for yourself and decide 🙂

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