Easy Star Wars Craft with Construction Paper: Leia, Luke, Yoda, and Darth Vader

Star Wars Craft with Construction Paper by Sophie

A few weeks ago, I created some Star Wars crafts for my library’s county Star Wars Read Day. I wanted to share the crafts with anyone who wants to make some easy Star Wars crafts.

I took pictures of my templates I used. I used these templates to make 100 sets of Leia, Luke, and Yoda. My library decided not to use Darth Vader because it was difficult to display his clothes all in black.


Luke and Leia’s clothes, face, and feet are exactly the same. The only difference is their hair. This is quite convenient that their twins! (Note: you can decide the skin tone. I went back and forth with the skin tone because I had a limited amount of color selections.)

Many people told me Yoda was their favorite. I quite like it myself too. Make sure to distinguish the face. I made two Yoda templates because halfway through, someone reminded me that Yoda was quite small. It’s your choice whether you want Yoda to be smaller. It is much easy to use Luke and Leia as an example for Yoda’s clothes.


Anyway, have fun with these Star Wars crafts!


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